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Why Us

Company Strength
As one of the largest among that of all Asian enterprises, the plant of Jingxing has the total coverage up to 150,000 m2. Both our workshops are located in Shanghai, so is the Baosteel which is the best steel supplier in China. This allows us easy access to the best raw materials. In addition, Jingxing owns the most cutting-edge production equipment, such as the high-end DRESTERN upright punching and forming line, ABB automatic beam-welding robot, and a complete set of Gema static epoxy powder coating line. Therefore, our annual output reaches 100,000 tons. In 2001, Jingxing was ISO9001 certified. It is one of the earliest rack suppliers to achieve this certificate in China. With super high quality, our product enjoys tremendous popularity among our clients, and our company is the designated racking system supplier for the big companies like NIKE and Coca-Cola.

during our design work and manufacturing process, relevant national standards of racking system are strictly followed, besides which, international standards such as european ones are also taken as a reference when we supply the foreign consumers. in addition to the common rectangle-hole uprights and rectangle-hook beams, jingxing also adopts a teardrop-hole upright profile and a rivet-beam-connector beam profile, which largely enhances the lifespan due to the circular-arc contact surface of beam-column joint, and bears a greater amount of load. for the circumstances where a single beam bears a load more than 200kg, the rivet connectors will be utilized. jingxing uprights feature 9 to 21 facets in total. the actual number varies according to the actual storage demands. with the maximum value of facets being 21, the rigidity and the moment of inertia are so high that the mechanic properties of uprights and the load it’d be able to bear are considerably enhanced.

2元彩票finite element analysis will be applied for projects where the strict anti-seism design is required. via fea, we fully take into account the impact that wind, rain, snow and earthquake have on the rack structure.


Industrial and Warehouse Storage Design Solution
2元彩票 Jinxing has acquired 49 patents, of which13 authorized patents are for inventions and 36 new patents are for practical uses. Also, we participate in the compiling work of several National Standards and Industrial Standards concerning domestic rack field, and are entitled The Engineering Technology Research Center for Warehousing & Logistics Equipment of Shanghai and Technical Center of Enterprises in Songjiang District.

the company has a solid technology and has established specially dedicated technology center. it possesses a team of 40 people engaging in tech research, development, and design about mechatronics. also, our centre is also fixed with the worldwide advanced r&d equipment and the huge scale data-analysis software. meanwhile, our company ensures an adequate amount of fund is invested into the r&d work and takes r&d as a heavily emphasized project, into which more and more efforts are annually put.

Finite Element Analysis and Structural Test
Via FEA, a model on equal proportion to the rack itself can be built, with boundary constraints that comply with the actual work conditions, so that the actual load bearing can be simulated in a more accurate way. What can be achieved here is not only the static analysis, but also more complicated work conditions like earthquake, wind, rain and snow. Without any vague chain, or any fragile component, it is guaranteed that the material of each part complies with safety standards and that each operation of the client is reliable.

2元彩票in may, 2008, during the earthquake of sichuang, thanks to the seismic design we always followed strictly, all our 8 projects of 20 meters high near the earthquake site are safe.


Design Standard
The general design and manufacturing standards mainly applied include GB 50009-2012, JB/T11270-2011, CECS23:1990, JB/T 9018-2011, GB50018–2002, GB50011–2010, and GB50017-2003.

2元彩票for the clients who want the design to be in line with the international standards, we will refer to the international standards while obeying the relevant national standards. therefore, the finished product will also surely in compliance with the most stringent standards concerning the security. the common international standards referred to are fem9.831, fem10.2.02, and mh16.1-rmi.

The standards above, if followed, will benefit you a lot. The detailed advantages are as follows:
1. The highly demanding design calculation and material selection ensure the higher security for both installation workers and stored units in the warehouse.
2元彩票 2. The standardization will bring extra benefits to both the clients and suppliers, especially when it comes to assurance and health.


Structure Test and FEA

Structure Test

we have the specialized laboratory for the structure test. in the manufacturing process, the spot check will be regularly conducted to ensure the product fulfill the design and application requirement. in addition, the brackets will be sent to germany for strength testing.

in full compliance with the fem10.2.02, jingxing has implemented the bearing capacity testing of short or long column, the stiffness testing of beam-column joints and column foot. the data which only can be got from the stiffness testing rather than the theoretical calculation is widely applied to calculate the overall stability of the storage rack, or others.

Material Drawing Tester
It is used to test the material mechanical properties such as yield strength and tensile strength.

Foot Rigidity Testboard

Stiffness Testboard for Beam-column Joint
Stiffness Test Board for Beam-column Joint in company.

Stiffness Test Board for Beam-column Joint in Germany Lab.

Finite Element Analysis

to simulate the actual load bearing of the rack in a more accurate way, we adopts the finite element analysis abbreviated as fea to build a life-size rack model, whose boundary constraints are in full compliance with the actual working conditions. through fea, the static analysis can be obtained, so does the more complicated work conditions including earthquake, wind, rain and snow. this structural test ensures all the materials to be used are in line with the safety standards, and ensures the reliable operations of the client. no vague chain or fragile component appears.

due to the structural test, we have succeeded in many projects. in may, 2008, during the earthquake of sichuang, our always strictly followed seismic design allows all the 8 projects of 20 meters high we built near the earthquake site to be safe and sound.


Upright Cold Roll Forming Production Line
The Company has imported the worldwide most advanced automatic upright cold roll forming production line from German. This highly automated production line enjoys the advantages like fast speed, high precision, low cumulative error, and high security. The relevant details are described as below:
1. This equipment not only can be used for multi-facet continuous punching and rolling, also can be applied for the multi-facet intermittent punching to fulfill the special rolling requirements. Its procedure can be freely set.
2. With the average speed of 34 meters per minute, it can ultimately ensure the strong production capacity.
3. We can accurately make the upright with the maximum amount of facets up to 21, and the upright comes with excellent rigidity and bearing capacity. Also, the high accuracy can ensure the final accurate rack installation.
4. The high speed cutting enables the upright to offer high flatness and good finish, thus ensuring the vertical precision and horizontal consistency of the storage rack.
5. Our production line can roll the zinc plated upright without damaging the galvanized surface.


Surface Spraying Equipment
Jingxing applies the complete set of Gema static powder coating equipment which is imported from Switzerland. Its coating quality is far better than that of the coating equipment whose main parts are imported, not to mention the equipment which only applies the imported spray gun. The main features of our surface spraying equipment are as follows:
1. During the spraying process, after the recovery and filtration, the remained powder can be quickly sent to the powder supply center for reusing. No powder will be overflowed, thus ensuring environmental working environment.
2. It can fulfill the process and plane requirements of the complicated workpiece.
3. With the digital valve controlling technology, this product can accurately and consistently transmit the powder, ensuring the high qualified uniform surface coating.


Welding Equipment
Qualified welding equipment plays an important role in the warehouse making since it can ensure the fastness and durability of the welding. Our Jingxing is one of the factories who began to use the welding robots in the earliest stage. We use the Switzerland ABB6600/1600 automatic welding robot which is the most advanced and multifunctional in the sector. After you have set the welding trajectory according to the actual workpiece’s requirement, then the equipment can automatically complete the welding job with uniform, smooth, and full welded joint. In addition, we also have 70 pieces of Panasonic semi-automatic CO2 welding machine.

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